FACEBOOK users in the UK have received an alert saying that they could be entitled to compensation from the social network.

The payment actually relates to a US privacy settlement but some Brits may be eligible too.

The Sun understands that anyone who was in the US and accessed their Facebook account between May 24, 2007 to December 22, 2022 for 30 days or more may be entitled.

While millions living in the US could get cash, any Brits on holiday or traveling for work during that time may qualify as well.

It’s not clear whether you need to have been in the US for 30 consecutive days or 30 days spread across that time period.

The total each person will receive has not be determined yet either – it will depend on how many people claim by the deadline.

After the settlement payment is formally approved, the total amount will be distributed after administrative fees, counsel fees, and service awards are taken out.

You only have until August 25, 2023 to submit your details.

Facebook owner Meta has agreed to pay $725million to settle the case, which relates to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Users can submit a claim for cash through the settlement’s official website. 

Applicants will need to provide contact information including their name, address, and email as well as the email, phone number or username associated with the Facebook account they operated.

The alert seen by some Brits says: “You may be entitled to receive payment from a lawsuit that was recently settled.

“The lawsuit claimed that Facebook shared people’s data with third parties and didn’t monitor how that data was accessed and shared.

“We’re constantly strengthening our safeguards to protect your data, and deny any wrongdoing.

“You can view the settlement details to learn more and understand your options.”

Should your application be approved, you will likely not receive your settlement cash until mid to late September at the earliest. 

The settlement’s official website details that the final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for September 7, 2023.