King Charles reportedly rejected Heathrow Airport’s plan to rename Terminal 5 after him following which the Buckingham Palace spoke to ministers to turn down the airport’s offer, The Times reported. The terminal was set to be renamed marking the monarch’s coronation, nearly a decade after Terminal 2 was renamed the Queen’s terminal.

Travelers at Heathrow Airport in London.(AP)
Travelers at Heathrow Airport in London.(AP)

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But King Charles was adamantly against the offer due to “environmental considerations”, a government source told The Times. Another said that the proposal was was rejected due to “a lack of connection between the airport and Charles”.

The Palace was approached by Heathrow earlier this year to discuss renaming Terminal 5 due to “long standing connections” between the royal family and the airport.

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But there are strict rules regarding the use of the monarch’s title. These include- if a building or site was refurbished or new, or was “very personally associated with the monarch”, the report claimed.

“The granting of royal titles is done on the advice of government,” a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told The Times. This comes as a new study claimed that approval for the monarchy in the UK could dip below 50 percent within the next decade. The National Centre for Social Research (NCSR) says that the support is slipping among Britons.