SHOPPERS are only just realising they Tesco sells a breakfast meal deal – and it comes with a hot drink.

The supermarket giant is known for its popular lunch deal, which costs £3.90 or £3.40 for shoppers with a Tesco Clubcard.

But some customers have taken to social media to share their surprise after finding out the supermarket offers a breakfast deal.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, one person said: “You can now get a drink from the Costa machine and bakery items in the meal deal.

“You could get a croissant for breakfast (counts as the snack!) a sandwich/ wrap for lunch (main!) and a coffee for £3.40 with your Clubcard.”

Others were quick to comment, with one person writing: “I didn’t know this, thanks!”

While another added: “That’s a great deal.”

And third said: “I never realised this myself – thank you so much for sharing.”

The deal excludes large and limited edition drinks and you won’t be able to add a syrup if you want to qualify.

Around 2,000 Tesco stores have Costa hot drinks machines.

Under its meal deal offer, you can choose from a main meal – normally a sandwich or pasta pot – a snack and a drink.

But shoppers could also get an all butter croissant, which costs £1 outside the deal if they wanted to pick up a breakfast meal instead.

A croissant counts as a snack, so you could also pick up a sandwich and save it for lunch.

This deal also includes a regular hot drink from a Costa Express coffee machine.

If you have a Clubcard, you can get the deal for £3.40 – while shoppers without one will have to pay an extra 50p.

It’s free to get a Clubcard and you can sign up online. Around 20million people in the UK already have one.

You can sign up to the Clubcard scheme online or in store.

A regular cappuccino and latte cost £2.80 from Costa Express machines, although this can vary depending on location.

This means shoppers with a Tesco Clubcard can pay just 60p more and get a sandwich and a snack to go with their hot drink.

For shoppers without a Tesco Clubcard, that’s just £1.10 more for the full deal.

It comes after Tesco introduced a “Premium Meal Deal” which offers a premium main, snack and a drink for £5.

Shoppers without a Clubcard are charged £5.50 for a premium meal deal instead.

Meanwhile, Tesco is making a big change to Clubcard points – and shoppers won’t be happy.

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