A TIGHT dad puts his heating on once a week and makes his family wear head-torches to save cash.

Chavdar Todorov, 53, took the drastic decision when his energy bills doubled to £320 a month.

It means he, wife Moda, 49, and kids Nicole, 20, and Teo, 14, keep warm by wrapping up in coats and blankets.

And the head-torches mean he can keep his lights off as much as possible.

Banker and part-time decorator Chavdar, of Barnet, North London, said: Its like were back in the 18th century.

“We dont know what the bill is going to be so were doing everything we can.

I can now wear the head-torch and get around without switching on the lights.

Were reducing our TV watching and only having it on sometimes.

Yoga teacher Moda said: Were trying to think positive but its hard.