Following violent clashes between Pakistan police and supporters of Imran Khan outside the former prime minister’s home in Lahore during which several were injured on both sides, Imran Khan said, “The way we were targeted by the police, it is a first. There is no reason why they have taken this step. My bail was on the 18th. They knew why I was not attending the bail… because of security.”

Watch | Tear gas, water cannon used against Imran Khan’s supporters in Lahore

“They are preparing again, I know. I have given an undertaking in the Lahore High Court that I will be in court on the 18th. But it was not accepted,” Imran Khan said ahead of his possible arrest.

“Why was it not taken? Because London is part of the plan. Nawaz Sharif has been given assurance that me and my party will be attacked and pulled down,” Imran Khan said while condemning the police for charging the supporters with batons and teargas shells.

Imran Khan’s supporters gathered outside his house as a police team arrived from Islamabad to arrest him on a court order while Imran Khan called on his supporters to stand up for the supremacy of law and fight for true independence.

“Police have come to arrest and send me to jail. If something happens to me, or sent to jail, or they kill me, you’ve to prove that this nation will continue to struggle even without Imran Khan,” he said in a video recorded statement following the violence.

Several of Imran Khan’s supporters were injured when the police resorted to teargas shelling, Reuters reported.

The arrest warrant was issued in a case against Imran Khan for unlawfully selling state gifts while in power from 2018 to 2022.