TELLY lovers might notice something a little different when they watch BBC One very soon.

The broadcaster is shuffling some channel numbers on Freeview as part of its plan to put HD at the forefront.

It means BBC One HD will finally be in the top spot channel 1, rather than 101.

But confusingly, only select Freeview kit will be eligible.

You’ll need a newer Freeview Play device that can connect to the internet to take advantage.

The Beeb is yet to detail how new your box needs to be to benefit.

According to RXTVInfo, the update will come to devices made from 2020 or later that support something called Channel List Management (CLM).

Changes are expected to roll out from April.

A similar move was carried out last year so that HD versions of BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC and CBeebies were bumped up the number list.

Even if you don’t have Freeview Play, it should become easier for those who watch BBC One’s weeknight regional news.

At the moment, you have to switch to the SD version of BBC One to watch your regional programmes, but from April it’ll be available on the existing 101 HD channel.

A full schedule for each region’s switch date is expected to be released soon.

The broadcaster has already been going through a huge HD upgrade on satellite.

It’s meant that a small number of viewers have had to buy brand new set-top boxes to continue watching the BBC’s channels, as the SD versions will be switched off completely next year.

The corporation apologised yesterday after it emerged that a support scheme to help vulnerable people affected by the switch had been hit by delays.