SHOPPERS have spotted a great deal on a popular gadget that’s selling for a bargain price.

Wilko is selling a 4 litre air fryer for just £35 – 50% off the usual price.

Shoppers are flocking to buy air fryers from a number of stores as they can save you money.

They use less energy than an oven, depending on what and how much you cook.

Wilko’s air fryer is 1,400W, has a removable basket and features a 30-minute timer.

You can click and collect for free – just search for your nearest store using the locator tool on its website.

Shoppers were impressed, with one writing in the comments: “Very useful and good sized air fryer. Its more than enough to cook meals for my family of three and everything has been a success so far”.

And another said: “bought this as price was reasonable for what i wanted to pay ,got to say i was very impressed with how quickly it cooked my frozen fish and oven chips in just 25 minuits compared to about 40 minuits in a conventional electric oven.”

Remember it’ll cost extra to have it delivered. You’ll be charged £4.95 for standard delivery, but it could be more depending on how soon you want it for.

However, if you’re planning to buy it in person, we recommend calling up your local branch first to check it’s in stock.

You don’t want to end up disappointed.

And do always shop around elsewhere just in case you miss a better deal.

You can use comparison sites like Google Shopping or the Latest Deals app to look at price tags from similar retailers.

For example, customers recently came across an Asda air fryer which cost a whopping £104 less than the branded Ninja equivalent.

The air fryer carries 6.2L and costs just £45 – down by £14.

Meanwhile, Argos is selling a 4L air fryer for £56.

How much does it cost to run an air fryer?

Remember, even if the price is low, you should always know how much an appliance costs to run.

These prices are on average, you should note – it’ll depend on the model you own, how much energy you use and who your provider is.

As with any appliance, a newer model is likely to be more efficient, and be cheaper to run than an older version.

The power of an air fryer is measured in watts, and this determines how much energy it uses – and the cost of using it.

For a 1000W air fryer, it’ll cost just 17p to run for 30 minutes and 34p to run for an hour.

While a 1,500W air fryer will set you back 26p for half an hour, and 51p for an hour’s use.

A 1,800W gadget costs around 31p for 30 minutes, and 61p for 60 minutes.

An air fryer may be a cheaper alternative to the oven, for example, but you shouldn’t always assume this will be the case.

A 2kW oven costs around 34p to run for half an hour, or 38p for an hour’s use.

You could run a 1,000W air fryer for an hour for 4p less.

You can also look for other cooking alternative to make sure you’re saving as much as possible – for example slow cookers or microwaves may help.

We explore how much it costs to run a slow cooker, for example.

And we take a look at how much it costs to run a microwave too.