YOUR Sky TV remote is no ordinary controller.

It turns out the device is packed with special tricks you can try, whether it’s on Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream.

Here are three you’ve probably missed.

Secret Sky button

This one applies to the Sky Q remote.

The logo on your remote is actually a fully functioning button which takes you to all your box’s recordings.

So give it a press next time to save a few clicks.

Use your Sky remote to switch your TV off

Did you know that your Sky remote can be used to switch your main TV off as well?

Of course, this is no surprise with Sky Glass as it’s all built into the TV itself.

But you can make Sky Q and Sky Stream save you the hassle of using two remotes.

You just have to hold down on the main power button for a few seconds longer than normal.

It won’t work if your TV and Sky aren’t paired with HDMI control.

But it’s easy to set-up.

On Sky Q, just go to Settings, then Remote Control.

Select Sky Q touch remote and go down to Control your TV.

For Sky Stream, go to Settings, then Connected Devices.

Hit Sky remote, then Control your TV.

Follow the on-screen instructions for pairing the two.

Most modern TVs should work.

Movie quote magic

You probably already know that Sky’s remotes have a mic in them so you can use your voice to start stuff.

But some classic movie quotes will also summon your favourite movies.

There’s a whole bunch you can find here.

Sky’s included some TV quotes too, most recently being hit series The Last of Us.