Prince Harry reportedly had to give a month’s notice before travelling to the UK amid a longstanding dispute with the British government over his security arrangements. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down from royal duties in 2020.

Prince Harry: Britain's Prince Harry is seen. (AP)
Prince Harry: Britain’s Prince Harry is seen. (AP)

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The legal battle between Prince Harry and the UK Home Office started after the Duke of Sussex decided to take action against them over a decision not to let him pay for police protection. However, The Telegraph reported that whenever Prince Harry wanted to visit the UK, he was told to give 28 days notice.

The purpose of this was to ensure that his security needs could be assessed, the report added, saying that this made Prince Harry very angry with the Home Office. Earlier, Prince Harry had slammed the arrangements for his family’s June 2021 visit for the memorial events for Princess Diana, as “patchy, disjointed and inadequate”.

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Details of the argument between Prince Harry and the Home Office were released in legal documents relating to the royal’s libel claims against the Mail- a case in which Prince Harry claims that the publisher reported a “false claim” over his willingness to pay for his own protection.

Prince Harry’s lawyers said that he is “gravely concerned about his safety and security during future trips to the UK”. They added that Prince Harry was left with no choice but to take legal action “given the gravity of what is at stake for him and his family.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been subject to intense media scrutiny, hostile social media attention, and targeting by violent extremists due to (amongst other things) the [Duke’s] ten years of military service in the British Army, the Duchess of Sussex’s race and their involvement in charitable and other social justice initiatives,” they added.